Common Social Media Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Reach

Regardless of whether you are simply beginning or you are all around familiar with the do’s and don’ts of social media marketing, it’s always a good idea to double-check to make sure you are not making the same mistakes most businesses make online. 

Mistakes in Social Media| the good, bad, and ugly

Here are some common social media mistakes often made — and their alternatives.

Being Overly Promotional 

Don’t just push your products or services, engage with your customer by solving problems or sharing tips and tricks that improve their quality of life. 

Be a conversation starter, take a step, instigate change, inspire others; there’s no limit to what could be done. Keep communication and entertaining the audience for potential leads. Maintain a healthy balance (80:20 rule) between non-promotional content and call-to-action content.


Posting too much or too less

The most common question about posting content on social media we face is how often we should post? Although there’s no fixed method for success, however, there are researched backed suggestion about the minimum number of posts ideally required on each platform. Posting too much or too little both may impact engagement and growth.

Stereotyping Content 

Sticking to images, videos or blogs as content is a big no-no. The social media is continuously introducing new features, best make most of it. Try them, tweak them, and play with them. Sharing different types of content. Provides a better understanding of the audience and key insights. 

Screening Negativity

Listen to the customer actively and patiently. Since social media is the only way to reach the company directly online. Talking to them will help you understand how they feel about your company. 

Dig into your customer needs, communicate with them, don’t ignore or remove negative comments, deal with them for resolution and possibly conversion. Don’t go for confrontations, or the negative comments might keep growing on you. 

Failing to engage

Nothing can be worse than being on social media and not being social about it. Not engaging with customers. Customers value instant response on social media. 

People resort to social media to avoid the hassle of pressing and waiting for one call after another of the call, the hassle of talking to the customer representative. 

Taking too much time to reply, giving unnecessary information or not responding at all forces the customer to find a second company. 

Not Collaborating

Most of us steer away from cross-marketing collaboration with competitors. Feeling counter-intuitive about promoting our competitor leading to a loss in terms of traffic and revenue. 

Though own content is the best way to engage with the fans, nonetheless, it’s only short term. If we want fan base growth, we need to rethink. We don’t want to end up potentially becoming an annoyance by marketing too much of our content to the same old people.

Posting quality content from other businesses will eventually increase page following and brand awareness. by reaching people (competitors fan) who otherwise might not have been familiar with our brand. 

One easy way to find great relevant content on Facebook is to use the Pages to Watch feature in the Facebook Page Insights. 

Avoiding audience insights

Tracking the analytics is a must to understand what makes your customers tick. Appropriately identifying social KPIs, audience segments, and engagement factors and understanding the metrics is the first step in addressing an underlying issue. 

Regularly observe engagement patterns, customer conversion points, and trends in purchase behaviour. The actionable insights will help strategically promoting sales pitch to the right audience.

Not using targeting 

Almost all social media now has the feature to add targeting to your post.

Though such targeting may narrow down reach in terms of audience, it would rank high in terms of niche and location relevance. 

This helps local businesses rank locally by utilizing Facebook’s algorithm of a relevancy score, which shows posts that are the most relevant first. 

Not optimizing Page

When setting up a page, we often miss to fully optimize searchability by strategically injecting relevant keywords, filling in descriptions, contact information, mission statements, USP, operational hours, CTA, and unique URL or username. 

Investing in a brand style guide gives an additional edge of generating a unique branded hashtag and working to make it viral.

Getting Fake Likes

Very little interaction can result from fake followers. Some people buy followers just for the prestige. Unfortunately, social media platforms are frowning on such foul practices of automation and paid services. 

What matters more than likes is keeping the page active with consistent quality content posts. It’s important to grow a slow and steady network of a real audience.

Ignoring updates and algorithms

Businesses need to keep an eye on each platform’s updates and algorithms. so that the contents can be optimized by factoring in the following accounts from insights.

  • Audience response rate and frequency
  • Early engaging content 
  • Posting time 
  • Relevance
  • Timeliness or going live

Final words

Finally, for social media best practices, we need to keep in mind that, as per research, to get rid of a single negative review, it takes 12 positive ones. This stresses the importance of redirecting our efforts to 

  • Keep your content meaningful by being a conversation starter
  • Advocate for your audience
  • Stay away from clickbait
  • Boost your best-performing organic content
  • Track your performance with Facebook Insights and other tools

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